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Sender ID (sender id) iDs  is set as Default
Sender ID (backup)   is used for automatic change in the networks of operators where a principal ID is not accepted

Balance for notifications rub  upon reaching the specified amount, notifications will be sent by e-mail ()

Keep history of SMSes days  sent sms will be automatically deleted from the history; if empty, to store forever

Permitted numbers  dialing codes separated by comma like 79,-7901,380,37529

Configuring IP access and E-mail addresses

Phone access  phone numbers or group numbers (G1) separated by comma to perform messaging using SMS commands

Total limit per day  the maximum number of sent messages per day
Limit on one phone number  the maximum number of sent messages to one phone number per day
Limit on a phone number and a text  the maximum number of sent messages with one text to one phone number per day
Limit per IP  the maximum number of sent messages from one IP address per day

Time of sending  time range in hours h1-h2, when messaging is permitted (for example,, 12-21)
  instead of shifting to the next day

SMS life period
minutes   the maximum delivery time of messages to temporarily unavailable subscribers

Autoanswer to incoming

Autoanswer to incoming

URL for answers and statuses
(only http://)

transmitted parameters: phone, mes, id, for incoming sms and phone, status, time, ts, iD for statuses, pOST method. Description
Forward to URL
Test handler:   status  message  

SMPP settings:

(description, IP addresses)

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Forward to phones  phone numbers or group numbers (G1) separated by comma

Message format

Send in the period - time1 - time2, at another time an SMS will be postponed until time1

Number of SMSes or length a number greater than 12 specifies the maximum length of a message,a number less than 12 - the number of SMSes

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