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FAQ • What are the rules for registering transactional and service message templates

Operators ' memo on collecting templates

1. Rules for classifying templates as transactional

A message that informs the subscriber about the current transaction is considered transactional.
cash flow transactions on his account, or the impossibility of performing such an operation.
Under the operation of the movement of funds, we understand:

The transaction template must EXPLICITLY specify the transaction type, account number, and amount.

Templates containing the following are not considered transactional:
As well as templates that contain explicit references to the completed operation of one of the above types Ц refer to service templates..

2. Rules for assigning templates to authorization ones:

An authorization message is a message related to the operation of providing the Service to the client and is part of the client's Service and intended for passing the authorization, verification, confirmation of any actions or providing consent within the framework of this Service/Customer services. An authorization SMS message may contain verification codes, passwords, usernames, etc., with the exception of codes used for advertising purposes, for example, promo codes, or any other information directly or indirectly related to attracting attention to the advertised object, goods and / or services of the client.

Information for passing authorization procedures, verification, confirmation of any actions or providing consents within the Service/The services correspond to:

Templates containing the following are not recognized as authorization templates:
For Megafon, the resource must be specified in templates with codes (website, application, etc.).

3. Criteria for designation of templates as service ones (informational):

A Service message is a message related to the operations for the provision/provision of the Service/Customer Services, which is part of the Service/Services of the Client and informing the User about events and / or operations within the framework of this Service/Services.

Under the Service provision status/Services understood:

The templates are not considered to be service ones if they contain:

Since 01.03.2021, when drawing up templates for the operator Tele2 (Russia), it is necessary to follow the new rules of the operator - only authorization templates will be accepted (see 2).
In MTS, you must specify the purpose of entering the code (log in to the personal account, purchase, change your password, participate in a promotion or loyalty program).

4. Description of variables in autosubstitution

In most cases, message templates contain auto-substitution elements.
Auto-substitution is a variable that can accept any of the listed values.

* the value of n must be no more than 10 for transactional messages and no more than 20 for service messages

A set of letters or digits %d and %w can include punctuation marks and special characters: ! є # % . , : ; ? \ / ( ) + - У Ф _ ' " ` ^ { } [ ] < > / \ | ! @ # $ % ^ ( ) + = ~ *

5. Requirements for the templates:

6. Illustrative examples of templates with autosubstitution:

SMS text:
Order: PR-0184942 for the amount of 5500 rubles was successfully accepted. Expected delivery time: 19.11.15 in the 15:00-20:00 interval. Your Online PR Store.

SMS Template:
Order: %w for the amount of % d rubles was successfully accepted. Expected delivery time: %d in the %d interval. Your Online PR Store.

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