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Integration with the service (API)

The API allows you to send messages through your projects and services over the HTTP/HTTPS, SMTP, and SMPP protocols. Ready-made libraries in different programming languages connect to your project and help you send messages from anywhere with a single command.

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Form for sending SMS messages

To send SMS messages from your site, you can use the following example of an HTML form and the corresponding A PHP script that processes the data of this form.



The sender

Set aside until
(dd. mm. yy hh:mm)

Transliteration Flash-SMS

The source code of the form: <html>
form method="post" action="send.php">

Телефон<br/><input name="phone" value=""><br/><br/>

Сообщение<br/><textarea name="message" rows="4" cols="40"></textarea><br/><br/>

Оправитель<br/><input name="sender" value=""><br/><br/>

Отложить до<br/><input name="time" value=""> (дд.мм.гг чч:мм)<br/><br/>

input type="checkbox" name="translit">Транслит
<input type="checkbox" name="flash"> Flash SMS<br/><br/>

input type="submit" name="send" value="Отправить">

A send.php file that processes form data and uses the library smsc_api.php: <?
if ($_POST["send"]) {

$r = send_sms($_POST["phone"], $_POST["message"],
$_POST["translit"], $_POST["time"], 0,
$_POST["flash"], $_POST["sender"]);

// $r = array(<id>, <количество sms>, <стоимость>, <баланс>) или array(<id>, -<код ошибки>)

if ($r[1] > 0)
"Сообщение отправлено";
"Произошла ошибка № ", -$r[1];

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