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Questions and answers

Here are the most frequently asked questions about the service.
Please read them carefully before contacting customer support.

General questions:

1. How to start using your service
2. How to sign a written contract for your messaging services
3. Do you guarantee the safety and confidentiality of the data used in sending messages
4. Why some other services may offer prices lower than yours
5. Why does my newsletter have the status "On moderation"?ї
6. How can I pay for your services via the terminal
7. Why I have made the payment through a personal account, and the money for the balance not credited
8. How can I recover my forgotten username and/or password
9. Why some of the messages from the mailing list were transferred to the morning


10. Why has my message not been sent and has the status "unregistered sender id"
11. What operators do you work with?
12. What is the email2sms feature and how it works
13. What countries can I send messages to?
14. Why do I send one message, but the amount is deducted from the account for two
15. What is the maximum length of SMS messages sent
16. Can I arrange for SMS to be sent from my website
17. Is it possible to set your name as the sender of SMS messages
18. What are the restrictions on using the sender's name (Sender ID)
19. What is the difference between a paid and a free letter name? (Sender ID)
20. How can I know that the sent message has been successfully delivered
21. Can I send messages to short numbers
22. Why has my message not been sent and has the status "Forbidden"
23. What are the rules regarding mass promotional mailings?
24. What does the status "Impossible to deliver" mean, and why is money being debited for such an SMS
25. What is HLR and what are HLR queries used for?
26. Why did I turn off the phone, and the HLR request returns the status "available"
27. Why does the HLR request return an invalid IMSI?
28. What is Ping-SMS and what is it used for?
29. Why am I sending a message on behalf of my sender, but it comes from another
30. Why did I send one SMS message, but the subscriber received several
31. What does the number in parentheses after the message status mean?
32. In which cases the delivery of a message may be delayed
33. Why was the message not received on the phone, although the status "Delivered" was returned
34. Why are messages sent a few days ago missing from the message history
35. In what format should the subscriber numbers be indicated for sending messages
36. Why SMS has received the status "Forbidden", but after a few seconds the status changed and the SMS went
37. Do message with status "Insufficient funds" after recharging
38. What are the rules for registering transactional and service message templates

E-mail messages:

39. Which messages are allowed to be sent in e-mail newsletters
40. How to set up the display of only my sender's address in e-mail messages
41. What is the maximum size of an e-mail message that can be transmitted
42. How to remove your unsubscribe link from an email
43. Is it possible to disable the automatic addition of your picture to the body of the letter
44. Why when sending from my e-mail address, received email, the sender's address is replaced with your
45. How to send an e-mail message with an attachment using the HTTP API

Voice messages:

46. To which countries is it possible to send voice messages
47. Charged any money if the subscriber is unavailable, or the phone takes Voicemail
48. What is the maximum length of the audio of the message is possible
49. What types of formats for voice files are supported
50. Which languages are supported for automatic voice acting
51. Why is there a substitution of the sender's phone number when sending voice messages
52. How to find out the order of digits (DTMF) that the caller pressed during the call

API, SMPP, integration:

53. Is the status transmitted to the handler for each type of sent message when using cascading distribution
54. Why can't I connect via HTTPS protocol from the program?
55. How many numbers can be transmitted via the API in a single request
56. Why is the error "IP address blocked" returned when making API requests
57. How to increase the speed of mailings via SMPP connection
58. Why did the message sent via the API not appear in the message history
59. What actions must be performed to send messages over the SMPP protocol
60. What is the difference between the SMPP protocol and the HTTP protocol?
61. Why does the site not open or the API connection stopped working

Incoming messages, virtual numbers, SIM hosting:

62. How to receive responses to sent SMS messages
63. Is it possible to receive incoming SMS messages through your service
64. Is it possible to receive incoming SMS messages to your number
65. What is the difference between a dedicated virtual number and a SIM card hosting
66. An SMS message does not arrive to the virtual number from Odnoklassniki, VKontakte, other social networks and payment systems
67. Can I organize interaction with my clients using your service

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