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Sending messages

Mass mailing
Informing about promotions, in the news, events, invitations, congratulations, reporting on work readiness
Gateway for programs and APIs
Automated mailing from your programs, sites, and services using special API software protocols
Checking the availability of rooms
Checking lists and single numbers for subscriber availability and cleaning databases of irrelevant numbers
Voice mailings
Send voice messages in the form of incoming calls to your partners, customers and employees using a special web interface
Auto-subscription to mailing lists
Easy collection and replenishment of the subscriber base. Customers will be able to independently subscribe and unsubscribe from newsletters

SMS advertising to clients of companies


Mailing lists to users of the services


Receiving messages

Receiving SMS messages and calls from subscribers
Receiving and processing SMS messages and calls from subscribers to federal numbers
Virtual numbers for receiving SMS
Connecting a federal virtual number. Such numbers work without using SIM cards and are directly transmitted by operators to our service over the Internet
SIM hosting for receiving SMS and calls
Unlike virtual numbers, you can receive messages from Internet services, banks and payment systems that use letter names for sending


Mailing lists

Mass mailing list
A convenient and inexpensive way to inform a large number of people

Mail server for programs and APIs
Automatic sending of emails from your programs, websites and services using special API software protocols

Server monitoring

Checking servers and websites at set intervals and notifying about problems via SMS, mail and phone calls

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