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About the service

Knowing that our service is used by many companies and websites for important notifications, and the correctness of our clients ' services depends on our work, we strive for maximum stability and uninterrupted service delivery, which is achieved by various methods, algorithms and subsystems. Our service has many features and advantages, so it is stable and well suited for critical tasks.

The service was developed primarily with the expectation of quality and reliability, not profit, and now we continue to maintain a high level of services provided. It is important for us to have a reputation for stable and professional service.

Below are the main advantages, thanks to which we manage to keep the service at a high professional level.

  1. 1. Service features
  2. 2. High stability
  3. 3. Protection against DoS and DDoS attacks
  4. 4. Fast delivery of urgent messages
  5. 5. Automatic channel monitoring
  6. 6. Increased message delivery rate
  7. 7. Privacy and data protection
  8. 8. Operational customer support

Service features:

High stability:

For a long time, we have already debugged the service quite well, as we have qualified permanent programmers and develop our software ourselves, including the development of low-level server processes, monitoring and protection systems, SMPP server and web interfaces. Due to our own developments and regular programmers, we create high-quality code, promptly correct errors and refine the service according to the wishes of our customers.

For increased stability and protection against failures in the equipment we use parallel and synchronized between servers, queries are routed through the incoming router-balancer, so the switching of traffic between the servers is transparent to clients and in the event of a failure on one of the servers the other can handle the requests, and the failed server can be restored without the extra downtime just service.

In addition, we use different connections to the platform through independent Internet service providers, so as not to depend on possible temporary problems with Internet channels. Available backup connections: (http), (smpp).

Detailed architecture of the SMS service

Protection against DoS and DDoS attacks:

Our specialists have developed a comprehensive protection against DoS attacks, which can automatically repel small and medium-sized attacks on the service (DoS), as well as larger distributed attacks (DDoS) with the temporary inclusion of a special mode of access to the service only to previously registered customers.

For protection use a separate server, filtering traffic, redirecting requests to internal servers and filter bad traffic. Also at the time blocked customers who are bugs and random looping API calls that gives rise to frequent queries and creates unnecessary strain on the service.

Fast delivery of urgent messages:

Our service uses an automatic system for determining the priority of traffic. All mass mailings are sent with a lower priority than single SMS messages. Thanks to this separation, critical single messages are sent without delay, without waiting for the completion of sending mass mailings to any clients. At the same time, mass mailings are also sent quite quickly, as we try to keep the channels not fully loaded and when the channel load increases, we request new connections from the operators.

Thus, our service is well suited for sending urgent notifications, as well as for mass advertising messages. And overloads and delays in the delivery of SMS messages are very rare and are caused by more often, rare overloads are caused by the operators themselves, whose channels are temporarily disabled in such cases.

Through a single connection to our service, you can send SMS messages of different types — both single notifications and mass mailings, mixing the sending of messages in any way and sending them in groups, at least sequentially one by one. Our system will automatically identify unique single notifications and repeated mass mailings from the total flow of all SMS messages of the client , assign priorities to all messages depending on the size of mass mailings, and send single and small group mailings in the first place as quickly as possible.

Therefore, you will not need to complicate your programs and organize multiple message queues for different types of traffic, you will be able to send all SMS messages through a single stream, while your subscribers will receive important messages on time.

Automatic channel monitoring:

The service implements an automatic intelligent system for monitoring the channels of operators and individual customers. If messages stop being delivered on a certain channel or a certain client, or there is a delay in the delivery of several SMS messages, then after one minute the employee on duty is notified, and the problem channel is automatically turned off for a while, followed by periodic self-checking with test SMS to a special work number. Thus, rare problems and overloads on the channels of mobile operators do not cause big problems and delays in the delivery of customer messages, and the availability of backup channels through different operators makes it possible to send critical SMS messages smoothly.

At the same time, we stop using the connections of mobile operators, which often experience overloads, delays or failures in the delivery of messages , thus leaving only reliable and proven SMS transmission channels to provide high-quality service.

Increased message delivery rate:

Our service provides better delivery of SMS messages in contrast to other services, as well as from the operators themselves, thanks to special algorithms that increase the percentage of message delivery to available mobile phone numbers.

1. Double dispatch

Having already had quite a long experience of working with different mobile operators, including the largest ones, we can professionally assess the quality of different operator channels and filter out problematic and less stable ones, leaving only the most reliable ones in operation. But despite the use of higher-quality TV in a long time, work was seen any operators not always guaranteed message delivery is available on phones, and occasionally may reject messages with a specific error code, for example, when a subscriber is roaming, due to the temporary shutdown of the route to another network, when triggered spam filters, or due to a rare failure from the operators themselves, that is unacceptable for critical SMS-distribution that aims to provide our service.

To improve delivery, we track the statuses and errors of each sent SMS message, and in the event of a return of the non-delivery status and a suspicious error code on the connection of one of the operators, the rejected message is repeated through the connection of the other operator. In most cases, such falsely rejected messages to available numbers can be delivered on the second attempt through an alternative operator, for example, in the case of various roaming agreements with foreign operators, and in the case of a failure with one operator, the probability of a repeat of the same failure with another operator is extremely small. All repeated messages that improve delivery in this way are sent free of charge to customers and are displayed in the personal account with the number 2 in parentheses after the delivery status.

2. Delivery of messages to landline numbers

In addition, the delivery function also improves the delivery of messages to direct city mobile phone numbers using the existing and constantly updated database of matching city numbers to their federal variants. It is known that many subscribers leave their city numbers as a contact, and then they can not receive various SMS notifications from stores, services, taxi services, etc., since even operators in most cases can not deliver SMS messages to landline numbers, but the specified autocorrect function of such numbers allows you to deliver messages to them, increasing the overall percentage of delivery and allowing such subscribers to fully use the services of our customers ' services and stores.

3. Foreign coverage

In addition to the main channels of local operators, we also have connections to foreign operators, thanks to which we provide improved international coverage and a high percentage of delivery to foreign countries. And to test and verify all channels, we analyze the status and complaints of customers, and if we find problems with delivery to any country, we usually find a working channel and configure this route for use in the future. The reasons for non-delivery of messages are shown in the personal account, and the service does not try to send and write off money for numbers that are incorrect in format and shows them with a separate status.

4. Monitoring and redundancy

Also, the channel monitoring system described above allows you to better deliver messages in the event of failures and overloads on the channel of any operator, and since we have connections to different Russian and foreign operators, there are backup channels for all directions.

Therefore, due to the presence of all these features that improve delivery, we recommend using our service to anyone who needs high-quality SMS delivery around the world.

Privacy and data protection:

We strictly treat the confidentiality and protection of the service from data leaks of our customers. Confidentiality and responsibility are prescribed in the contract in a separate paragraph. We guarantee that we do not transfer our clients' data to third parties and do not use them for our own purposes, and also do not provide our clients with ready-made subscriber bases for sending SMS messages, since we do not send spam.

The servers use non-standard methods of protecting their own development, such as encrypting the source code of the executed scripts, filtering SQL injections, patching server software, and adding their own kernel modules for additional server protection. All this makes the work of the servers unique and non-standard, which makes it difficult to obtain unauthorized access by conventional methods. Thus, inaccessible, high-quality code written by qualified programmers of the service reduces the risk of the presence and detection of vulnerabilities through open interfaces and data leakage.

In addition, only one trusted permanent employee-the administrator-has access to the servers and only from fixed IP addresses, which prevents access to the server and leakage of confidential data by unscrupulous employees..

We also have a fairly secure personal account and API: SSL protocol, binding sessions to the IP address and browser, effective protection against password guessing, allowing you to make only a few access attempts from a single IP address, restricting access to a list of IP addresses or networks. It is also possible to connect client equipment via encrypted tunnels (SSL, VPN).

For additional protection of the history of sent SMS messages in your personal account, you can configure automatic deletion of messages from the history after a specified time, including immediately after delivery.

In order not to provoke attempts to obtain unauthorized access to our customers ' data, we do not publish information about our customers on the site and do not disclose it to anyone. .

Operational customer support:

Our programmers have developed an online consulting system, to which all operators are connected, and if necessary, technical specialists are connected. With the help of this system, we promptly answer any questions, including those of a technical nature, advise clients and help set up software. Additionally, support is available via Skype, E-mail and phones.

We work seven days a week, are available around the clock in online support on the website or by phone, and promptly respond to any problems or failures in the service.

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