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Integration with the service (API)

The API allows you to send messages through your projects and services over the HTTP/HTTPS, SMTP, and SMPP protocols. Ready-made libraries in different programming languages connect to your project and help you send messages from anywhere with a single command.

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Actions with contacts and groups

To manage contacts or groups, use the GET or POST method to call the appropriate address with the required command and parameters..

To create a contact:<login>&psw=<password>&phone=<phone>&name=<name>
To create a new group:<login>&psw=<password>&name=<name>
To change the phone number in a contact:<login>&psw=<password>&phone=<phone>&new_phone=<new_phone>
To change the group name:<login>&psw=<password>&grp=<group_id>&name=<name>
To transfer a contact to a new group:<login>&psw=<password>&grp=<group_id>&phone=<phone>
To add a new group to a contact:<login>&psw=<password>&grp=<group_id>&phone=<phone>
To remove a contact from a group:<login>&psw=<password>&grp=<group_id>&phone=<phone>
To delete a contact:<login>&psw=<password>&phone=<phone>
To delete a group:<login>&psw=<password>&grp=<group_id>
To display a list of contacts:<login>&psw=<password>
To display a list of groups:<login>&psw=<password>
To add an entry to the blacklist:<login>&psw=<password>&phone=<phone>
To remove an entry from the blacklist:<login>&psw=<password>&phone=<phone>
To get the elements of the "black" list:<login>&psw=<password>

Description of parameters

Description of the parameters passed to the Server:

OptionThe value
loginCustomer Login.
pswClient Password (you can add or change it on this page).
nameContact or group name.
grpID of the group that the contact belongs to. You can link a contact to several groups at once by specifying their IDs separated by commas.
numThe number of the group for sending messages.
phoneList of phone numbers separated by any separator (add command), or phone number (the move_group , add_black commands). Used for operations with phone numbers in the phones.php script.
mailA list of e-mail addresses separated by any separator (the add command), or an e-mail address (the move_group , add_black commands). Used for operations with e-mail addresses in the mails.php script. The request format is similar to the format for phones.php.
new_phoneA new list of phone numbers separated by any separator (CHG Command).
new_mailNew list of e-mail addresses separated by any separator (CHG Command).
mnmMiddle name.
fioContact's FULL NAME. This parameter is used in the get command to get a list of contacts by any of the initials (last name, first name, and / or patronymic).
searchSelecting contacts for the get command by contact name and / or phone number.
after_idContact ID (int_id), starting from which to return the contact list (get command, fmt=3 format), except for the contact list itself. after_id.
bdDate of birth in the format
myidThe contact ID assigned by the Client.
tagsTags (tags).
phoOther phone numbers. According to these numbers, SMS messages are not sent out.
typeLock type (add_black commands):
0 all messages.
1 mass mailing lists.
2 single messages.
Or group type (add_group and get_group commands):
0 group for phone numbers.
1 group for e-mail addresses.
prev_idThe global identifier of the blacklist item (the id parameter in the Server response), assigned by the Server automatically. Used in the get_black command to request blacklist items added earlier to this item.
cntThe number of records returned in the Server response. The maximum value is 1000.
fmtServer response format:
0 (default) as a string (ID = 12345).
1 as a string (12345).
2 in xml format.
3 in json format.

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