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Integration with the service (API)

The API allows you to send messages through your projects and services over the HTTP/HTTPS, SMTP, and SMPP protocols. Ready-made libraries in different programming languages connect to your project and help you send messages from anywhere with a single command.

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Description of parameters

Description of the parameters passed to the Server:

OptionThe value
loginCustomer Login.
pswClient Password (you can add or change it on this page).
all0 (default) - get a list of activated sender names.
1 get a complete list of sender names.
senderThe sender name that is being created or deleted.
mts_step1 register a paid name with the MTS operator.
sber_step1 register a paid name with the Sberbank Mobile operator.
tele21 register a name with the Tele2 operator at the tariff with free names.
motiv1 register a name with the MOTIF operator according to the tariff with free names.
mega_step1 register a paid name with the Megafon operator.
bee_step1 register a paid name with the Beeline operator.
motiv_step1 register a paid name with the MOTIV operator.
tele2_step1 register a paid name with a Tele2 operator.
mega_int1 enable replacement with a common name for the Megafon operator.
motiv_int1 enable replacement with a common name for the Motive operator.
mts_int1 enable replacement with a common name for the MTS operator.
ua_reg1 to register a name for Ukraine at a reduced rate of national traffic.
For this tariff, you must additionally pass the following parameters:
fio legal name of the organization (LLC/SPD).
site Site address (optional parameter).
email E-mail for communication.
address Actual address.
desc Description of the services provided by the sender.
subj Subject (purpose of informing).
ua_int1 register a name for Ukraine at a higher rate for international traffic.
idID of the sender's name, assigned by the Server automatically when creating a new name.
cmtComment specified when creating the sender name.
mail1 add the sender's e-mail address.
nameA comment related to the mail parameter (usually the name of the owner of the e-mail address).
codeCode for confirming the sender's digital name.
siteThe address of the site from which the codes will be sent to confirm the digital names of the senders. This parameter must have been previously added and activated as Sender ID. If omitted, messages will be sent as the sender by default.
site_nameThe site address specified in the text of the message with the confirmation code.
userThe user ID of the subclient to which you apply the specified command.
operators1 add the status code of the sender's name from the operator to the response.
from_dateSelect the names of senders starting from the specified date, for which the name status of any of the operators has been changed. When this parameter is specified, the names are sorted in descending order of the date when the name statuses were changed. DD.MM.YYYY format.
prev_idA unique identifier of the sender's name that is assigned by the Server automatically when the name is created. Used to request a list of names created before the name with the specified ID.
cntThe number of sender names returned when requesting a list of names. The maximum value is 15000.
doc_infoIf a document file for operators is passed in the request body when creating or changing the sender's name, then you can specify a description for the passed file in this parameter.
charsetEncoding of transmitted parameters.

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