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Integration with the service (API)

The API allows you to send messages through your projects and services over the HTTP/HTTPS, SMTP, and SMPP protocols. Ready-made libraries in different programming languages connect to your project and help you send messages from anywhere with a single command.

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Server response and error codes

If an error occurs, the Server returns the following string:
  • ERROR = N (description)

  • When fmt = 1:

  • When fmt = 2:

  • When fmt = 3:
    "error": "description",
    "error_code": N
N Ц error number, can take the following values:

The valueDescription
1Error in parameters.
2Invalid username or password. Also occurs when trying to send a message from an IP address that is not included in the list of allowed by the Client (if such a list was previously configured by the Client).
3Sender name not found.
4The IP address is temporarily blocked.
5Error saving or deleting the sender's name.
7Invalid number format.
8The confirmation code cannot be delivered to the specified number.
9Attempt to send more than three identical requests to get a list of available sender names or five requests to create a new sender name within a minute.
This error also occurs when you try to send fifteen or more requests simultaneously from different connections under the same username (too many concurrent requests).
10The code has already been sent to the specified number. Retry is possible after 8 hours.
11Invalid confirmation code.

If the request is successful, the Server returns a response in the form of a string.

When requesting a list of sender names:
  • with fmt = 0 and all = 0:
    name = <sender>, id = <id>

  • with fmt = 1 and all = 0:

  • with fmt = 2 and all = 0:
    <sender id="<id>">sender</sender>

  • with fmt = 3 and all = 0:
    "sender": "<sender>",
    "id": <id>

  • with fmt = 0 and all = 1:
    name = <sender>, status = <status>, id = <id>

  • with fmt = 1 and all = 1:

  • with fmt = 2 and all = 1:
    <sender status="<status>" id="<id>">sender</sender>

  • with fmt = 3 and all = 1:
    "sender": "<sender>",
    "status": <status>,
    "id": <id>

  • with fmt = 0 and operators = 1:
    name = <sender>, mega_step = <mega_step_status>, bee_step = <bee_step_status>, motiv_step = <motiv_step_status>, sber_step = <sber_step_status>, winmob_step = <winmob_step>, volnamob_step = <volnamob_step>, mts_step = <mts_step_status>, tele2_step = <tele2_step_status>, tele2 = <tele2_status>, ua_reg = <ua_reg_status>, ua_int = <ua_int_status>, mega_int = <mega_int_status>, motiv_int = <motiv_int_status>, mts_int = <mts_int_status>, motiv = <motiv_status>, by_reg = <by_reg_status>, by_int = <by_int_status>, tele2_int = <tele2_int_status>, sber_int = <sber_int_status>, id = <id>

  • with fmt = 2 and operators = 1:
    <sender mega_step="<mega_step_status>" bee_step="<bee_step_status>" motiv_step="<motiv_step_status>" sber_step="<sber_step_status>" winmob_step="<winmob_step_status>" volnamob_step="<volnamob_step_status>" mts_step="<mts_step_status>" tele2_step="<tele2_step_status>" tele2="<tele2_status>" ua_reg="<ua_reg_status>" ua_int="<ua_int_status>" mega_int="<mega_int_status>" motiv_int="<motiv_int_status>" mts_int="<mts_int_status>" motiv="<motiv_status>" by_reg="<by_reg_status>" by_int="<by_int_status>" tele2_int="<tele2_int_status>" sber_int="<sber_int_status>" id="<id>">sender</sender>

  • with fmt = 3 and operators = 1:
    "sender": "<sender>",
    "mega_step": "<mega_step_status>",
    "mega_int": "<mega_int_status>",
    "bee_step": "<bee_step_status>",
    "motiv": "<motiv_status>",
    "motiv_step": "<motiv_step_status>",
    "motiv_int": "<motiv_int_status>",
    "sber_step": "<sber_step_status>",
    "sber_int": "<sber_int_status>",
    "winmob_step": "<winmob_step_status>",
    "volnamob_step": "<volnamob_step_status>",
    "mts_step": "<mts_step_status>",
    "mts_int": "<mts_int_status>",
    "tele2_step": "<tele2_step_status>",
    "tele2": "<tele2_status>",
    "tele2_int": "<tele2_int_status>",
    "ua_reg": "<ua_reg_status>",
    "ua_int": "<ua_int_status>",
    "by_reg": "<by_reg_status>",
    "by_int": "<by_int_status>",
    "id": "<id>"

<sender> Ц registered and approved sender name.
<mega_step_status>, <mega_int_status>, <bee_step_status>, <motiv_status>, <motiv_step_status>, <motiv_int_status>, <sber_step_status>, <sber_int_status>, <winmob_step_status>, <volnamob_step_status>, <mts_step_status>, <mts_int_status>, <tele2_step_status>, <tele2_status>, <tele2_int_status>, <ua_reg_status>, <ua_int_status>, <by_reg_status>, <by_int_status> Ц the status code of the sender's name from the corresponding operator (0 - pending registration, 1 - sent for registration, 2 - allowed by the operator, 3 - not accepted by the operator, 4 - temporarily disabled, 5 - insufficient funds in the account, 8 - supporting documents are required, 9 - activation from the beginning of the month), 255 - allowed, but marked for de-registration).
<status> Ц sender Name status (0-waiting for moderation, 1-allowed to use, 2-disabled).
<id> Ц unique identifier of the sender's name (assigned by the Server automatically when creating a name).

If the sender's name has a replacement analog for any operator, then with operators = 1 and fmt = 0,2,3, this replacement will be additionally included in the server response.

When adding a new sender name:
  • when fmt = 0: ID = <id>

  • when fmt = 1: <id>

  • when fmt = 2:

  • when fmt = 3:
    "sender": <id>

<id> Ц the sender name ID assigned by the Server automatically.

When changing the sender's name, sending the code, confirming and deleting the sender's name:
  • when fmt = 0, 1: OK

  • when fmt = 2:

  • when fmt = 3:
    "result": "OK"

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