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Integration with the service (API)

The API allows you to send messages through your projects and services over the HTTP/HTTPS, SMTP, and SMPP protocols. Ready-made libraries in different programming languages connect to your project and help you send messages from anywhere with a single command.

HTTP/HTTPS SMTP SMPP SOAP OMS SMS Commands Libraries and code examples

Configuring MS Outlook

Setting up an MS Outlook Account

Starting with the Microsoft Outlook 2007 version, users of this software product have the opportunity to send SMS messages through various services and mobile operators, including through our service.

Since Microsoft Outlook 2013, the SMS sending service (Outlook Mobile Service) is not supported, this service is available in SharePoint.

To set up an MS Outlook account, you can use the following description (here is an example of a configuration for MS Outlook 2010).

On the File tab, selectAdding an Account.

Adding an Account

In the dialog box that opens, selectExchange text messages (SMS) and tapFurther.

Text message exchange (SMS)

In the Outlook Mobile Service Account dialog box, enter the address in the operator URL field, in the User field - login, and in the Password field - the password received during registration.

Outlook Mobile Service Account

After entering the required data, click OK and then clickDone.

Sending a message to MS Outlook

To send a message on the tabHome in the groupCreate click the buttonNew items and select the item Text message (SMS).

Text message (SMS)

In the windowA text message in the To field... enter a comma-separated or semicolon-separated list of message recipient numbers , or select recipients from the MS Outlook address book by clicking To... orAddress book. Then, in the message input field , enter the desired SMS text. When entering text on the left in the windowPreview displays the message text in the form in which it will be sent to the recipients. After you have finished editing the text to send the message, clickSend.

Sending a message

To send messages from your own number or the letter name of the sender, set the desired option as the sender's name (Sender ID) by default in your personal account under "Settings".

Forwarding MS Outlook items

Using the functions provided by the OMS protocol, users can organize the forwarding of various MS Outlook items, such as daily summaries, mobile reminders and notifications, invitations to meetings or meetings, contact cards and other tasks, in the form of text messages to mobile phones.

To set up sending mobile reminders, notifications, or daily summaries to your phones, follow these steps: Open the File tab and select the itemParameters. In the window that opens, selectMobilephones . Next, select the notification type, configure the required conditions for executing the notification, and save the changes.

Setting up Mobile reminder forwarding

To configure sending invitations to meetings or meetings as text messages, create the appropriate element by clicking in the tabHome buttonNew items and selecting the desired item. Fill in all the required fields. In the fieldFrom select the account that is intended for sending SMS messages through our service. In the To field... list the mobile numbers of the recipients of the message, or select the appropriate contacts from the address book by clicking the To button.... Check that the data and recipient numbers you entered are correct, and then clickSend.

Configuring Invitation forwarding

To forward an MS Outlook contact card via SMS, select the contact card you want to forward in your Outlook personal address book. Then in the tabContact click the buttonForward and selectForward as a text message. In the window that opens, send a message in the To field... enter the recipient numbers of the message or select the appropriate contacts from the address book.

Sending an Outlook Contact Card

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