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Integration with the service (API)

The API allows you to send messages through your projects and services over the HTTP/HTTPS, SMTP, and SMPP protocols. Ready-made libraries in different programming languages connect to your project and help you send messages from anywhere with a single command.

HTTP/HTTPS SMTP SMPP SOAP OMS SMS Commands Libraries and code examples

The speed of mailing lists

The connection bandwidth or the number of SMS messages sent every second depends on the size of the transmission window (smpp window size). In the example settings, this parameter is called max-pending-submits. For mass mailings, it is better to set large values (1000-2000). Also in the example, the throughput parameter sets a limit on the maximum number of SMS messages per second..

Along with mass mailings, you can also send urgent single SMS notifications via a single connection. The system will set the maximum priority for such messages and send them before any mass mailings without waiting in the queue.

When sending mass messages, do not forget about the system for monitoring the speed of sending messages per second, when exceeding which an error of exceeding the speed is generated (throttling). If this error is received, the SMPP-standard Client must repeat the sending, reducing the overall speed on its side. By default, the speed is set to 30 SMS / sec for each account. To change the maximum allowed speed, you need to send a request to the service support service.

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