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Checking delivery and reading


Passing anti-spam filters

Get initial sales

To find out the email address of a potential client, offer something in return: a useful tutorial, a discount or a bonus.
This will help to increase the total number of conversions, as well as receive only relevant contacts from interested users.
If you managed to find out the client's email address, you just need to remind yourself through the newsletter.

After registration, a personal E-mail constructor will be available to you.

Increase the number of repeat sales

When the client has already bought something, left the mail and got into the database, you can keep it and make it permanent with the help of letters.

On the examples of banks, it looks like this: to offer a credit card to a person who has run out of money 5 days before the salary.
Or understand from transactions that the client is about to have a baby and offer a cashback card for children's goods or some kind of thematic loan.

To revive the sleeping customers

If the customer only put the product in the cart, but did not buy it, he can be reminded of himself by email. If you sell shampoo, you know that it will run out in about a month. In the case of cleaning, remind yourself by letter in a week or two.
Think about when a customer might potentially think about using your product – and send them an email at exactly that moment.

You will immediately be able to create a unique letter with your own design and content.

To have your email newsletter
I was selling


Analyze the audience

Introduce your customers to whom you sell goods or services. Which one
how would they like to communicate, what would interest them, and what, on the contrary, pushed them away and forced them to unsubscribe.

Segment the audience into groups: Collection of New Year dresses for stylish girls!

Address the entire audience in the same way: Dear customers!


Choose interesting content

Do not write about the company's news or the appointment of a new accountant — this is an unnecessary informational noise. Tell us about the composition of the product, offer accessories for appliances or tell us about discounts.

Talking about the interests of the client: 20,19% discount on all clothing and accessories!

To talk about company news that is not useful for the client: Appointment of a new accountant.


Choose a beautiful template

Visual design can save or ruin everything. No one wants to get an untidy template without interesting illustrations. Create your own corporate identity and become recognizable among dozens of other emails in the inbox.

Why is an email newsletter from an SMS center more reliable than others

Uninterrupted service

We have been using our own software developments since 2003 — automated mailing of emails from your programs, websites (CMS and CRM) and services using special software protocols (API). Send notifications about the location of the cargo so that the customer is always aware and does not worry about deadlines.
  • sending unique messages for each recipient in a single request
  • support for HTML emails with attachments
  • automatically add a custom unsubscribe link to your emails

Convenient editor

With the help of the letter designer, it is easy and fast to create professional templates for mass email newsletters. No technical skills or HTML knowledge are required to create a template.

Automated sending

We send one email to the database of up to 1 million addresses. We will help you set up automatic mailing on a schedule and periodic mailings:
  • letters for the start of sales,
  • product re-order reminders,
  • congratulations on the holidays.

Data Personalization

Personalized mailing lists with auto-substitution of data and names of recipients will save time and help build trusting relationships with each client. We load the list of contacts from excel, csv files and via the clipboard. Import contacts and edit them for mailing lists for previously uploaded groups.

Analysis of results

Our service allows you to find out the delivery status of sent mailings in real time and tracks the reading of emails. Based on this data, we will help you formulate new hypotheses and improve communication with customers for sales growth.

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After registration, a personal E-mail constructor will be available to you.

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