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Sending codes by voice message

delivery monitoring
in real time

sending codes
on mobile devices and
fixed numbers
with the caller ID

This service allows you to send digital codes to confirm certain operations using a short voice message, which is much cheaper than sending codes in SMS messages..

To transmit the code, it is necessary to send a special voice message (voice) to the subscriber with the word code, according to which the subscriber will receive a call from a random number from a given pool. When receiving a call, the subscriber needs to pick up the phone, the system will automatically sound the code. The four digits voiced by the system will be the secret code that the subscriber will need to confirm the operation in your service.

Sending codes by voice message can be used as a cheap alternative to SMS messages to solve the following tasks: The recipients of such codes in the form of incoming calls can be subscribers of any telephone operators around the world who have themselves requested a code to their number from your service (for example, when registering on your website) and are waiting for an incoming call in real time.


Our service allows you to send codes conveniently, quickly and with the following features:


The service enables the automated sending of the codes of your programs, sites, and services using a special software Protocol (API).

For a description and examples of sending, see the section API Sending code by voice message.

Pricing plans

Billing of calls with codes in the voice message will correspond to the minimum length (5 seconds) of the "voice message" according to the established tariff plan.

Rates for voice mailings and codes in the form of calls

To make mailings, you need to register in our service and top up your account in any convenient way.

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