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Telegram bot for codes


Bot names: @smsccode_bot, @smsc_code_bot, @smscodes_bot.

Users can connect to any specified bot, sending messages to them will also be available through specifying any name the bot from the list of names in the API request.

Bots purpose

This bot is designed to receive access codes and confirmations in online services. Sending codes through this bot is a cheap alternative to sending SMS messages. When connecting to the bot, each user will be informed about the need to provide their phone number, which will be used to send access codes and notifications from various services by phone number, like regular SMS.

Room storage

The phone numbers for each user who provided their number are stored in a well-protected database, and our service with many years of experience has various mechanisms proven over the years to protect against hacking and data leaks. Therefore, we recommend using our well-protected service for the purpose of confirming transactions through the bot, so that the security of transmitting codes in this way will not deteriorate in comparison with the SMS transmission option..

Privacy and data protection

Checking phone numbers

Since the Telegram messenger does not update or automatically inform the bot of the new phone number when changing the SIM card by the subscriber, and the user must enter it himself in the settings, there is a small risk that the codes received through the bot will come to the user in the messenger to the old phone number, although access to it has been lost.

In this regard, for additional reliability and verification of the subscriber's real ownership of the phone number to which the messenger account is registered, the service can use a special API parameter to send an SMS code when sending a message, which must be sent in response to the bot to confirm ownership of the number. This parameter specifies the number of days after which the phone number must be confirmed with a new SMS code. Without confirmation of the number, messages with the specified parameter will not be sent to the user. Thus, the possibility of receiving important codes via the bot to the old phone number when it is changed is eliminated..

In most cases, such protection will meet the security requirements, since when a subscriber changes the number, his old number can be transferred to another subscriber by the operator after a fairly long time.

Bot options

In addition to using a shared service bot, you can also connect your own chatbot to send codes. But messenger users who want to receive your messages will have to connect to your chatbot separately, although they could already be connected to our common bot thanks to the services of other clients. In addition, periodic SMS confirmation of phone numbers for your own bots will be charged according to your SMS tariff.

When using different bots, both shared and proprietary, messenger users will not need to send their phone number every time and confirm it again if they have already been connected to another bot working through our service. Also, confirmation of the phone number via SMS in one bot will be valid for all other bots..

Security of receiving codes via bot

The method of transmitting codes via Telegram chatbot has some advantages over traditional SMS transmission. Encrypted messages sent via a bot are more difficult for attackers to intercept, since this requires access to the messenger's servers and database, which is even more difficult to do than to get access to SMS from operators, where there are potentially more vulnerabilities, such as unscrupulous employees of operators and special services with official access, fake and restored by illegal powers of attorney sim cards. There are known cases of SMS interception or replacement of SIM cards by intruders through employees of operators or communication salons. The messenger is owned by only one private company that values its reputation, the number of employees is much smaller, it is more difficult for attackers to establish contact with them, unlike mobile operators with a large number of offices and branches, where an unscrupulous person can specifically get a job.

In addition, it is quite simple to intercept SMS by introducing malware (Trojan or virus) into the phone. The architecture of the phone's operating systems allows installed programs to access incoming SMS messages that are not available for messenger messages.

Thus, messenger users confirm their phone number once via SMS when registering an account, and after connecting to the bot, the codes to their phone numbers are safely sent to the chatbot without using SMS.

When using a common SMSC.CODE bot, in order to exclude users who have lost access to their old phone number to which the Telegram account was registered, our service can, according to a given parameter, require the user to perform additional authentication of the phone number via free SMS, which confirms the relevance of owning the specified number.

Advantages of sending codes via the SMSC.CODE bot

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