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Discount on SMS sending

Our prices seem high to you, but you would like to work with our service?

Indeed, there are many reasons to choose from the variety of vendors in our service because SMS is not as easy as it seems at first glance, not all services have the same services, as messages can be delivered in different ways- it is possible to deliver immediately and without delay, to deliver with a small delay or to deliver when the message will lose relevance or coming night you can not deliver at all, or to report delivery, but not to deliver in reality, and to write off the money as well as SMS gateway may simply not be available at the required time due to failures and problems on its server, which often happen in unreliable and not regulated services. In addition, some services may specifically not send all customer messages, but fake delivery statuses, thus reducing their costs.

Many SMS services are not suitable for round-the-clock automatic mailings via the API, as they do not provide the necessary smooth operation and stability, so they can only be suitable for manual periodic mailings, although problems, delays and failures may occur with them.

It is these listed indicators that distinguish high-quality stable services and dubious cheap ones, often working through unstable operators and intermediaries, where they also received a low cost. Therefore, prices for services always correspond to the level of quality and stability of the service, since it is necessary to make a lot of money and effort to maintain high performance. The lower the prices you are promised, the lower the quality of service will be accordingly.

Reasons to work with us:

In connection with all of the above, our cost of services is higher than some other services that do not invest the necessary efforts and funds to provide their services better, use cheap overloaded channels, want to make a quick profit and are not aimed at long-term work. Therefore, by cooperating with us, you get fast, high-quality and guaranteed delivery of your SMS messages.

An easy way to get a discount without crediting bulk payments.

If our prices seem high to you, and you do not want to make the necessary prepayment amount to get an automatic discount on our rates, then to reduce costs, so that you do not have to use any other service, we offer a way to easily get a discount by simply placing our link or button on your site. This way you will be able not only to reduce the cost of using our service, but also to show users your website that you choose a reliable partner, and do not save on the quality of services, and will also be able to recommend our service to all visitors of your website as a proven and stable service, and we guarantee the excellent work that your users will not have to experience difficulties receiving SMS messages and guaranteed their numbers do not fall into the wrong hands, as data protection and privacy policy we have maintained at a high level.

We need regular customers, and placing a link, as well as crediting a wholesale payment − is a good reason to give you a discount, so we immediately offer a 6 tariff plan for a link on your site. The link can be with any suitable text or picture and should not be removed during the entire time of using the services of the service with the received discount, but you can always remove the link and set any other tariff by crediting the corresponding payment.

Automatic monitoring takes place once a day, and if the logo is not detected, the tariff will automatically decrease to the last payment..

Examples of links:

Link code with picture:

Link code with picture:

Link code with picture:

Link code with text:

In addition, we give discounts even for placing a link with our affiliate program, which you can additionally earn income for the clients you have attracted.

Write to our support service after posting the link, and we will include a reduced tariff plan for you.

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