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FAQ Х Do you guarantee the safety and confidentiality of the data used in sending messages

We do not transfer our customers ' data to third parties and do not use it for our own purposes, we do not provide customers with ready-made subscriber databases for sending messages, as we do not send spam.

In the contract, which can be concluded in writing, the confidentiality of data is prescribed in the corresponding paragraph.

In addition, we have sufficiently protected personal account. Real SSL certificates for use with encrypted connections when working with the web interface to bind sessions to IP address and browser, as well as effective protection from password guessing, allowing you to make only a few login attempts with an incorrect password with a single IP address.

We employ highly qualified professionals with extensive experience and professionally written code reduces the risks of hacking. Thus, the leakage data at a sufficiently complicated password practically excluded.

Data security is ensured by duplicating the working database on an additional server in real time, as well as creating an additional daily copy on a separate server.

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