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FAQ • What countries can I send messages to?

We send messages around the world, although 100% delivery to all foreign operators not, sometimes in some areas there are problems with delivery. For better stability you must be connected to local operators in each country, it is difficult to find without a lot of traffic in this country, so many foreign countries use channels transit operators. And in those countries where the traffic grows significantly, we connect more stable channels of local operators. Such channels are already used by us in Russia and in some CIS countries.

Since we have several connections to different operators, we usually find a working channel based on customer complaints about non-delivery to a particular country. But it happens that such a channel can not be found. This is mainly the case with foreign CDMA operators, for which there are no Internet channels. Then the last option is to try sending from SIM cards of Russian operators. If the message arrives, then by agreement with the client, we turn on this channel at a higher price.

Therefore, if you find problems with the delivery, it is best to let us know the number for investigation. We will check the number, forward the message through different channels, and set up a working channel for use in the future for this operator.

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