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FAQ • In what cases can the delivery of the message be delayed?

Delays in delivery of messages in most cases are not associated with any problems on the channel, as in the case of overload and delays in the delivery of multiple messages in a row at least one minute we activated the signal monitoring, and channel this operator is disabled.

Any mobile phone can sometimes briefly lose the network or be unavailable to receive messages, for example, when it was re-registered in network operator, was a bad connection, the data transmission via the Internet, signal loss, call or other transfer of SMS messages and when a subscriber is roaming from the foreign operators. In such cases, a new message is deposited in the SMS centre of the operator and is repeated after a certain period of time, which delays may occur in delivery. Subscribers don't always notice such problems with their phones, as is common in GSM networks and can say that their phone was available when there was a delay with delivery.

The long delay in message delivery or that delivery can be caused by a disconnected phone, the overflow message buffer, damage to the SIM card of the subscriber. To check availability of this phone number you can call, but in some cases when the phone is switched off, a call can take place due to the configured forwarding that's not working for SMS messages. In the event of such problems you can try to delete old SMS messages and restart the phone, switch SIM card to another phone to remove the forwarding or to specify the end number for receiving messages.

In any case, there is no reason to worry, we monitor the quality of our channels. But you can send us any suspicious numbers for analysis.

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