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FAQ Х How to increase the speed of mailings via SMPP connection

The connection bandwidth or the number of SMS messages sent every second may depend on the Internet connection, and the closer the servers are to each other, the faster the sending speed.

But in order for the Internet channel to affect the bandwidth less, it is necessary to increase the size of the transmission window( smpp window size), then the system will send more messages per unit of time, and not wait for each small portion for the status of receiving messages by the server, which can cause speed delays. Usually, by default, small transmission windows are set, which are acceptable for single mailings, so mass mailings go slower. In the example of SMPP settings, the parameter for increasing the size of the transfer window is called max-pending-submits. For mass mailings, it is better to set higher values for this parameter (1000-2000). Using the throughput parameter, you can also set a limit on the maximum number of SMS messages per second..

You can also increase the transfer speed if you send messages through multiple connections to the server, which can also be easily organized. But in general, it is not necessary to divide the traffic into mass and urgent and create several connections, our system will calculate the priority by the parameters of messages and urgent single SMS notifications, set the maximum priority and send them before any mass mailings without waiting in the queue. Thus, you can send all mailings through a single connection, or create an additional connection for mass mailings with an enlarged transfer window.

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