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FAQ Х What messages are allowed to be sent in e-mail newsletters

Our mail servers are configured in compliance with all standards for the formation of the letter structure to meet the requirements of popular mail services, which guarantees the delivery of e-mail messages from our clients to the addressees. In order for the sent messages not to be regarded as spam, and our servers not to fall into spam lists, we strictly monitor the subject of mailings, which avoids blocking emails and the quality of delivery is always at a high level.

Only legal mailings to their own databases of e-mail addresses are allowed to be sent. Spam mailings are not allowed and will be blocked.

Mailing lists advertising prohibited goods and services, as well as mailing lists in which:
Ц there is no personal message to the recipient at the beginning of the letter (dear full name or dear customer/subscriber/employee/partner);
Ц the subject of the letter is indicated in full capital letters;
Ц there is no text at all (file only);
Ц the minimum amount of text in the body of the letter is indicated, most of it is taken up by a photo (attached file).

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