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FAQ • Why didn't the message sent via the API appear in the message history

When sending a message via the API, there may be situations in which the message will not be sent to the end subscriber.

There are 3 main cases for the HTTP protocol:

The first option is most likely if there is no connection to our server. This may occur, for example, when our server is blocked by a firewall on the Client or hosting side, as well as in the opposite case, when the IP address of the Client's server or hosting has been entered in the unified register of prohibited resources. You can check the connection with our server using the "ping" or "telnet" commands. There may also be temporary problems with communication on the backbone from Internet service providers.

The second situation is possible if incorrect or erroneous required parameters are transmitted in an HTTP request. Then the message will not be accepted for sending, but a response containing the corresponding error code will be returned to the Client..

If in the settings of your personal account in the drop-down list "Access to the service" in the item "Access by IP addresses" you specify the allowed IP addresses and enable the appropriate options, and then try to make an HTTP request from an unauthorized IP address, then such a message will also be rejected with an authorization error.

If you specify 0 days in the settings under "Store sms history", then messages will be deleted immediately after sending when the final status is received. It may also look as if the message was not accepted for sending..

When sending a message over the SMTP protocol, the reverse domain specified in the sender's e-mail address must exist, otherwise the message will not be sent. SMTP sending is also affected by IP address access settings and sms history storage time.

In any case, the Client can always contact our online support service, where they will try to help him solve this issue..

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