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FAQ • In what format should the subscriber numbers be specified for sending messages

Since our platform sends messages all over the world, the phone numbers of subscribers must be specified in the full international format. That is, the subscriber number must contain the country code and the operator code. Also, for some countries, the system can convert phone numbers to the correct format. For example, for Russia and Kazakhstan, numbers can start with 7, +7, or 8 (all numbers will be converted to a single format starting with 7). For Ukraine: on 380 or on 0 (in this case, the 38 code will be added automatically to each number). If you do not need to adjust the number (this may be necessary, for example, to determine whether the number belongs to a certain country), then you need to pass a plus through the API before starting the number, the special character must be encoded by the urlencode function as %2B.
If the country code is not specified in your database in the numbers, then you can add it through our list converter, you need to select the Action-Add code.

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