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FAQ • What is the difference between the SMPP protocol and the HTTP protocol?

SMPP (Short message peer-to-peer protocol) is a protocol that describes the interaction of the end client with the SMS server (SMS center or SMSC). Used for sending SMS and USSD messages.
The protocol is based on the exchange of PDUs (protocol data units, protocol data packets) transmitted over a TCP/IP session. PDUs have a binary representation to improve transmission efficiency. The exchange of packets can occur both synchronously (after sending a request, further packet exchange is suspended until a response is received), and asynchronously (requests are sent without delay, and responses are processed as they arrive).
The protocol specification for version 3.4 can be viewed here.
Usually, this protocol is used in a constant connection mode, which allows you to significantly increase the transfer speed, since you do not need to establish a connection every time. Both the user and the SMS center can initiate the connection (SMSC).

HTTP (HyperText Transfer Protocol Ч "hypertext Transfer Protocol") is an application layer protocol for data transfer (originally in the form of hypertext documents in HTML format, currently used for transmitting arbitrary data). The basis of HTTP is the "client-server" technology, that is, it assumes the existence of consumers (clients) who initiate a connection and send a request, and suppliers (servers) who wait for a connection to receive a request, perform the necessary actions and return a message with the result.
Since this protocol operates in the "Request-response" mode, it is necessary to establish a separate connection from the client to the server to transmit each request. The protocol is suitable for clients with low traffic, or vice versa, for sending significant mailings with the same text.
HTTP is easier to program and configure than SMPP. Documentation or libraries with examples can be taken from our website.

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