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FAQ • What are the restrictions on using the sender's name (Sender ID)

The sender's name (Sender ID) can contain only English letters, numbers, dots, dashes and underscores.
Maximum length – 11 characters (letters, numbers, punctuation marks).

The sender's name must be unique and accurately identify the Mailing Customer, its brand name, brand, trademark of the services, goods and works of the Mailing Customer, subject to documentary confirmation from the Mailing Customer of the rights to use the brand name, brand, trademark, domain name. The name should not be aggregative and combine traffic from different companies.

The sender's name is connected and disconnected on a free or paid basis by the Customer independently in the Personal Account or through a request to the support service. The subscription fee for the sender's paid name is debited in full from the Customer's Electronic Account at the time of connection by the Telecom Operator and further on each 1-th day, regardless of the number of days of actual use of the name for sending SMS messages.


To use the name of the sender of trademarks (their individual parts), and/or brand names (including trademarks and/or brand names of third parties), and/or names, our service reserves the right to require the provision of documents confirming the existence of legal grounds for the use of such trademarks (their individual parts), and/or brand names and/or names.

If the proposed sender's name contradicts the specified requirements or does not meet the requirements of the operators, our service has the right to refuse to use it.

Some operators may not support the substitution of the sender's name in SMS messages or skip only the digital Sender ID..

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