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FAQ • What does the "Unable to deliver" status mean, and why is money charged for such an SMS?

Status"Unable to deliver" means that the subscriber was unavailable for a long time or does not exist, and an SMS message could not be delivered to his number.

The message with this status will not be delivered to the subscriber's final status. Usually, if this status is returned shortly after sending the message, the subscriber number does not exist. If after a long stay in the status of the "Transferred to operator", then the subscriber exists, but for some time has not appeared in the access area or can't receive SMS message due to overflowing memory.

The fee is charged for all messages sent, transmitted and received by the operators, regardless of their delivery status, as we also pay the operators for such messages.

This policy of operators is present in almost all countries. Operators during the SMS lifetime (usually 24 hours) make repeated attempts to deliver SMS to subscribers who are not online, thereby loading the SMS transmission channels and taking up the resources of their equipment, so it is unprofitable for them to send such messages for free, and the available subscribers create much less load.

Also, the operators justify such pricing by the fact that when paying only for delivered messages, more spam is sent, since spammers begin to generate databases of numbers, and they no longer care about the percentage of delivery. And the operators insist that customers keep the databases up to date and send less to inaccessible subscribers..

We support the opinion of the operators in this matter, since the delivery attempt and the display of information about, that the subscriber is unavailable, this is also a kind of service, which the service resources were spent on, and since the bandwidth is limited, then it is not very profitable to occupy the channel with inaccessible subscribers.

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