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HLR requests and Ping SMS
save up to 30%
budget for
SMS mailing lists


telecom Operators
to the service


confidential: without notifying subscribers

Pay for sending SMS
only active subscribers

HLR requests and Ping SMS-Quick verification tools
to clear the database of your phone numbers
If your database has not been checked for more than a month, we recommend updating it using HLR requests or ping-SMS.
1 Check and update
contact database

Some subscribers may
be out of the access zone
or change the number.
The system determines
inactive numbers
and independently
removes them from the database.

2 Recognize the operator
or subscriber status

By accessing the database of GSM, TDMA and CDMA networks, you can specify the status of the subscriber in the network
and identify the mobile operator. This is important if the client
specified only the number or changed the provider.

3 Send it
active clients

Mobile operators write off money
for sending, not for delivering SMS. Cheaper to check
database, how to pay for mailing to all contacts,
some of which are not active.

Calculate the benefit of HLR queries

Problem Many subscribers change their mobile operator without losing their number. Knowing a person's phone number, you can't be sure which mobile network subscriber they are actually on.
Imagine that you have to manually check hundreds or thousands of numbers from the mailing list database. This is a long and painstaking work, which is better handled by technology. Only an HLR query can solve this problem in automatic mode.
Solution HLR Requests (Home Location Register) —
this is a centralized database that collects information about subscribers of mobile networks of GSM operators.
HLR requests are needed to clean the database, so that without notifying the client, you can find out whether his phone number is being served or not.
Most often, such requests are needed when more than a month has passed since the last mailing.
On average, one ad message contains
150-200 characters are 3 SMS. Sending such
Messages cost approximately 10,20 ₽.

Price per one
HLR request

1,00 ₽

The cost
67 characters

3,40 ₽

Number of inactive users
number of phone numbers


Checking the entire database For example, let's take the base of 100 000 numbers. Checking it via HLR requests will cost 100 000 ₽.


Sending to all numbers without verification If you send messages with a length of 160 characters (3 SMS) to 100 000 numbers from the database, then the service will cost 1 020 000 ₽.


Economy If you first check the database and delete the inactive numbers, then the remaining 67 000 clients will receive advertising messages. Such a mailing list will cost in
683 400 ₽ instead of 1 020 000 ₽. The total cost of mailing with pre—verification is 783 400 ₽.
Checking saves 236 600 ₽.

We receive information about each subscriber
from the mobile operator. Unfortunately, the operators
do not provide direct access to their databases. According to our customers, the accuracy of this check is 90%.

the cost depends on the minimum payment made to the account. Data on tariff plans can be viewed on the page Pricing plans

Check the length of your ad message
Copy the text you want to send. We will calculate
the number of characters and the price for sending such a message.



The cost
67 characters


Shipping cost


In the example below, 160 characters (3 SMS).
Price of sending a message — 10,20 ₽.
Only for regular customers of our store! We have prepared a summer collection of the most fashionable outfits of the 2024 season. Trench coats, bell bottoms and a raincoat shirt are waiting for you.
First 1000 buyers discount 10%.

What is the benefit of Ping-SMS

Problem It is important to send messages only to active numbers before mass mailing about the beginning of the promotion, the receipt of goods or the update of the cost of the service. This way, customers will receive up-to-date information, and you will not overpay for sending SMS messages to inactive numbers.
To get 100% accuracy of information about active numbers in real time, you can only use Ping-SMS.
Solution Ping-SMS are hidden binary SMS messages that are sent to the client's phone number. Such SMS messages are not displayed in the phone, but they transmit information about the number's activity. The service helps you quickly and accurately check:
- a small database, when the accuracy of the check is especially important;
- a database that has not been updated for a long time to remove inactive numbers and save on future mailings.
When is the Ping-SMS service effective?
Before organizing the conference,
exhibitions or training sessions

Maxim, you have submitted an application for participation in the conference "The main trends of content marketing". We are pleased to announce the start of ticket sales. We invite you to book a seat at the link

On the eve of a promotion or sale
in the store

Ilya, thank you for choosing the Dreamkart brand for 5 years. We give all our regular customers 500 bonuses for purchases from 15 to 25 June. Come and celebrate together.

A Ping-SMS costs the same as a regular SMS up to 67 characters. As a rule, the text of one advertising SMS fits in 160 characters. If the number is not active, then you pay extra for sending an advertising SMS.

The price of the service depends on the amount of the deposit to the account
in your personal account. Learn more about pricing plans.

How to activate the service


Register in the SMS center


Top up your account with any amount


Make a list
phone numbers to check

The service is available both in your personal account and via the API using software protocols.

You can set up the verification yourself or contact the support service operators. For automated checks from programs, you can send them via the API. HTTP and HTTPS, SMTP, SOAP, and SMPP protocols are supported.

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