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Service architecture

For increased stability and protection against failures in the equipment we use parallel and synchronized between servers, queries are sent through the input routers, load balancers, so the switching of traffic between the servers is transparent to clients and in the event of a failure on one of the servers the other can handle the requests, and the failed server can be restored without the extra downtime just service.

All servers together serve requests, but any one can be disabled for a while without compromising the performance of the entire service. Each server is individually optimized and tested for serving traffic up to 20 million SMS per day without maximum system load and deterioration in the speed of processing client requests.

This architecture allows you to perform any hardware and software updates on the servers separately without interrupting the provision of services. Therefore, we never stop the service for preventive and restoration work.

The main data center corresponds to the Tier III+ class, all servers are connected to two independent power sources and two Internet service providers, as well as connected to an additional line configured to filter traffic during DDoS attacks with a capacity of up to 1.5 Tb (IP by the technical means of the data center.

As an additional backup, separate entry points are used, which can also be connected to if the main addresses on the router are unavailable. In addition, Kazakhstan uses local connections located on the territory of this country.

The high stability of the service is confirmed by an independent monitoring system.

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