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Planned changes for GSM operators in Russia


Serious changes are expected in the field of SMS services in Russia, which are being introduced by the operators themselves to combat spam, which will entail a large increase in SMS prices. Operators will begin to close off from each other and skip commercial mailings only through their direct connection at higher prices.

Now all services can send messages across Russia through any one operator at a fixed price. In this regard, some regional operators, due to competition and zero cost, began to offer very low prices for sending messages, so now a large amount of spam is sent through them, which federal operators are trying to fight.

Rumors about this have been going around for a long time, but only recently the information began to be clarified. According to available data with 01.11.2013 operatorsMegafon andTele2 impose restrictions on the passage of traffic to their networks from other operators and raise the price of SMS through their connections, Beeline and MTS plan to do this with 01.01.2014.

The restrictions should primarily apply to messages sent from letter names, short numbers, and mobile numbers of the recipient's operator. Sending from mobile numbers (DEF codes) belonging to the ranges of the sender's operator should not be blocked, but it is also possible to block messages from certain numbers by blacklisting or by message text. SMS centers of regional operators, as the main distributors of spam, can also be completely blocked.

Information about this is available in open sources, for example, here

Our company uses as the main channel a direct connection to the Beeline equipment, the traffic of which should not be completely blocked by other operators, but sending from letter names can also be blocked. Therefore, we have already connected to all federal GSM operators to provide an uninterrupted channel for delivering messages to our customers, but as each operator launches its own filter, tariffs will increase in the network of this operator.

The Tele2 operator provides a temporary adaptation period, and the prices do not increase much, but it will require pre-registration of letter names..

OperatorMegafon raises prices significantly and plans to introduce paid registration of senders ' names from the new year.

In this regard, as a transition period to higher tariffs, sending in our service to operators who introduce filters and significantly increase prices will occur from the mobile number of the Beeline operator, then all customers will need to familiarize themselves with the new tariffs and switch to a more expensive direct connection. If the operators really do not block SMS messages from mobile numbers, then it will be possible to send such messages at the old rates until the price increases at the Beeline itself. In this case, we recommend that you connect your number with this operator and use it for SMS mailings at lower prices, or use one of our numbers.

The delivery of messages in the network of Megafon and Tele2 operators from the Beeline number is not guaranteed, since operators can use special algorithms to recognize mailings made through another operator and enter the numbers in the stop list.

New rates are available in the section "Pricing plans».

To be able to send messages on any sender's behalf to subscribersMegafon directly via connectionMegafon at higher rates, you must enable the "setup" in your personal account or set your Beeline operator number in the backup name:

added 06.11.2013:
At the moment, mailing lists to the operatorMegafon under the previous tariffs are protected from any numbers longer than 7 digits, but in the case of tougher locks, it is the mobile numbers of the Beeline operator that will be better protected from this . But since any mobile numbers are still being used, our service uses the common MTS numbers that are familiar to everyone by default to replace the letter names with the operatorMegafon.

added 01.12.2013:
The MTS operator warned about the inclusion of filters with 02.12.2013. Messages from phone numbers as the sender will also be sent to its subscribers at the usual rates. If you enable the above option, sending messages with letter names will go through a direct connection to the operator at the more expensive rates specified in the section "Tariffs". These tariffs will take effect after the blocking of messages sent through the current channels and after the period of familiarization with the new tariffs. During the trial period and when the option is disabled, sending messages to the MTS operator will go with the substitution of letter names for the phone number.

Please note that sending messages to MTS numbers andMegafon with the numbers of the operators themselves as senders does not work, as it is blocked by the operators. Therefore, it is best to use the Beeline mobile number for the backup sender name for both operators..

added 04.12.2013:
The MTS operator has enabled blocking of commercial traffic from third-party operators. Messages to MTS subscribers in our service are temporarily sent with the replacement of the letter name with a fixed mobile number. The previously introduced option in the settings of your personal account for using expensive routes to the Megafon operator will also be valid for the MTS operator, but it will be automatically activated after 8 days. To enable sending to MTS from letter names right now, you need to familiarize yourself with the rates on the site and enable the corresponding temporary option in the settings.

Sending messages to the MTS network through the channels of third-party operators is available only from federal mobile numbers, except for numbers belonging to the MTS operator itself. Therefore, along with the replacement of letter names, MTS numbers, city numbers and 8 800 numbers are also replaced.

We also inform you that in the near future the Beeline operator plans to raise tariffs, so all messages to its network and to other operators sent from the phone number via the Beeline channel will also be increased. The tariffs for the Beeline operator's channel will be posted on the website in the near future.

added 18.12.2013:
We inform you that the operator Beeline, following other operators, as previously reported, has increased prices and provided us with a new connection, so we offer to prepare for the transition to the new tariffs within 5 days. In order to speed up the transition to the new tariff, you need to enable the "enable now" option in the settings of your personal account in the line "for Beeline and Tele2 operators, this option will be activated in 5 days". The new tariffs are already posted on our website in the section "Tariffs". Along with the increase in prices for the Beeline operator, the operator's tariff will also be increasedTele2, to which part of the mailings from unregistered senders ' names were carried out via the Beeline connection.

We also inform you that since yesterday, the Beeline operator has closed the old connection without warning for an indefinite period under the guise of planned work, so now messages at the old prices are sent through the channels of reserve regional operators with the substitution of the letter name for a mobile number, but on these channels there may be overloads and delays in the delivery of messages. Enabling the above option will allow you to send messages from the letter name through the new direct connection now. If the old connection to Beeline is restored, we will keep the old rates for 5 days.

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