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Changes in sending and charging voice messages (calls)


Sending voice messages (calls) is transferred to per-second billing after 5-th second of listening to the recording by the subscriber, i.e. for each call, a minimum of 5 seconds will be paid, as before, and then the system will calculate the cost of a multiple of 1-th second without rounding to 5, so that costs can be reduced. The cost of voice messages for 5 seconds remains the same and is available on the website on the pageTariffs. The cost per 1 second can be calculated by dividing the specified tariffs by 5.

Also, automatic recognition of answering machines is now disabled by default in order to eliminate the extra seconds that were added at the beginning of the conversation for voice analysis. You can enable automatic recognition of the answering machine in the settings.

In addition, the system has significantly increased the number of channels and bandwidth to make more simultaneous calls, now mass sending of voice messages is much faster.

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