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The Mobile Telecom Service operator (Kazakhstan) prohibits sending SMS messages to its network from the common names of senders


Since 01.08.2021, the Mobile Telecom Service operator (brandsTele2, Altel) prohibits sending SMS messages to its network from common sender names for national and international message types.
From the specified date, without the sender's own name previously registered with this operator, sending SMS messages will be blocked on our side.

Applications for registration of names are accepted by e-mail It is necessary to send a letter (a scanned copy is sufficient) to SMS-Center LLP in any form on a letterhead signed by the head and stamped by the organization, indicating the name of the sender (which must be registered) and the telecom operators (for which registration is required). The monthly subscription fee for the sender's own name of the client is 20 000 tenge (or the corresponding amount in another currency set in the personal account). The amount of the monthly payment must be on the balance of the personal account at the time of sending the application for registration. The subscription fee for the sender's name is debited in full at the time of connection by the telecom operator and then every 1th day, regardless of the actual use of the name for sending SMS messages.

The period for connecting sender names through our service is 15-30 calendar days.
Applications for the removal of senders ' names from registration are accepted by e-mail until the 15 th day of each month.

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