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Changing tariffs for Tele2 operators, Rostelecom and Sky Link (Russia)


We inform you about the change in tariffs for sending SMS messages in the network of operatorsTele2, Rostelecom andSky Link with 01.05. 2015g. We also inform you that the operators Rostelecom and Sky Link are starting to work in the group of Tele2 operators and will be removed from the tariffs from the specified date, charging for these operators will take place on the common line "Tele2". The change in tariffs occurs due to the increase in prices by the operator Tele2.

The following operator companies belong to the Tele2 operator group: CJSC Tele2-Arkhangelsk, CJSC Tele2-Belgorod, CJSC Tele2-V.Novgorod", CJSC "Tele2-Voronezh", CJSC "Cellular Communication of Udmurtia", CJSC " Teleset Ltd.", CJSC "Tele2-Kemerovo", CJSC "Tele2-Komi", CJSC "Telecom Eurasia", CJSC "Tele2-Kursk", CJSC "Tele2-Lipetsk", CJSC "Tele2-Murmansk", CJSC " Tele2-N.Novgorod", CJSC "Tele2-Omsk", CJSC "ROSS", JSC "Tele2-Saint Petersburg", CJSC "Tele2-Smolensk", CJSC "Tele2-Chelyabinsk", CJSC "Volgograd GSM", CJSC "BVK", CJSC "ETC", CJSC "BIT", CJSC "Uralvestcom", CJSC "TCPC", CJSC "CCCC", CJSC "Sky-1800", CJSC "RT-Mobile", CJSC "NSS", JSC "CMS", CJSC "Astarta", CJSC "MS-Direct, Sky Link, MSS, Delta Telecom, AKOS».

The new tariffs are published on the page "Pricing plans».

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