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The working conditions and tariffs for sending SMS messages to the Megafon operator's network are changing (Russia)


Since 01.08.2021, the working conditions and tariffs for sending SMS messages to the operator's network have been changingMegafon. From the specified date, the operator introduces a new type of trafficAuthorization SMSThe distribution is carried out according to the templates of authorization messages previously agreed with the operator, used for transmitting one-time codes and passwords for access to closed services.

Previously registered templates for the Megafon operator that comply with the rules for registering authorization SMS will be submitted for registration to Megafon automatically for this type of traffic. But in any case, all clients need to check which templates are submitted and accepted by the operator, and add new ones if necessary.

ConceptService SMSchanges toInformational SMSmessages . All previously registered templates for service SMS will continue to be valid for this type of message.

Billing for each type of traffic (authorization, service, advertising) varies and will be carried out for each quantitative gradation separately for each type of messages. For example, when sending 200 000 advertising SMS messages per month, advertising SMS up to 100 000 pcs. are paid at the cost of the first line, the following (from 100 001 to 500 000 pcs.) advertising SMS are paid at the cost of the second line, etc.

The new rates are indicated on the website on the pageTariffs for the Megafon operator.

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