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Increase in tariffs for sending SMS messages to the MTS operator network (Russia)


We inform you about the change from 01.10.2015 of the working conditions and tariffs for sending SMS messages to the MTS operator network. This operator, starting from the specified date, by analogy with Beeline and Megafon operators, introduces paid registration of sender names and two ways of charging for sending messages:

1. Paid names of senders Ц the operator's tariff grid is used based on the volume of monthly traffic calculated for each name separately Ц from 0.944 rubles and below. The subscription fee for registering one sender's name will be 1 180 rubles per month..

2. Free names of senders Ц a fixed tariff of 1.239 rubles is used for each SMS message sent, regardless of the volume of monthly traffic.

Additionally, due to the fact that messages are sent to the MTS operator under an agency agreement, according to which the cost of the operator and the service mark-up for maintenance must be allocated separately in documents and tariffs for end customers, the final tariff for MTS from 01.10.2015 will consist of the official price of the operator and service fee (additional extra charge for the provision of the service). The amount of the service fee can be reduced by switching to a more favorable tariff plan by crediting a larger amount to an electronic account in the service.

Our service introduces this fee as one of the last Ц during the year we worked for the MTS operator without extra charge, so that the new tariffs were more affordable for our customers, and they had time to adapt. But due to the fact that  the agency scheme of work with MTS provides for a large number of additional costs and manual work on customer service compared to other operators, we are forced to introduce a surcharge to the official tariff in the form of the specified service fee.  In any case, we tried to make the service fee less than similar margins in other services.

Detailed rates are listed on the website on the pagePricing plans.

All customers need to determine the tariff at which they plan to work for the MTS operator and include the necessary names for paid registration. This can be done in your personal account in the Settings menu, under Sender Names (Sender ID). To send a name for registration, you must additionally upload a letter of guarantee for the MTS operator on the Contracts and Documents page.

It is also important that the sender's name matches the name of your company or is a registered trademark. The operator will strictly check iDs, and all those who do not comply with their rules can be rejected.

If the name of your company does not match the name of the sender, then you must provide a document confirming the right to use the name. This document can be sent by e-mail to our support service or downloaded in your personal account in the "Contracts and documents" section.

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