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Additional functionality in voice messages (DTMF and dialer parameters)


In voice messages, the function of feedback with subscribers has appeared, now the system shows in the history of sent messages the combination pressed by the subscriber on the phone (tone dialing or dtmf). Also added the dtmf parameter in the call to client handlers. Using this information, you can filter subscriber numbers and perform certain actions with them, for example, call back subscribers who are interested in your newsletter.

In order for subscribers to press a certain combination, you need to offer options for pressing in a voice message and describe the actions that will occur. For example, "to be contacted by our manager, press 1.

Also , the param parameter was added to voice messages, which is passed through the API in the form of &param=W,I,C or in the comments of the message texts in the form param: W,I,C. This parameter allows you to more flexibly configure the time and frequency of dialing to subscribers in case of their temporary employment.
For more information, see API.

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