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Changes in tariffs and working conditions for the MTS operator (Russia)


We inform you that from December 1, 2017, the MTS operator changes the scheme of rendering the service for sending SMS messages. Each end customer will need to agree on their own unique names of the senders and, after agreeing on the names, conclude a direct contract with MTS PJSC through our company, which acts as an agent of the operator.

Until November 25 in your personal account on the page "Settings"→ "Senders 'names" you need to register one or more unique letter names that you will use to send messages to MTS subscribers.

The sender's name must accurately identify your company and comply with the following rules:

Ц it must not contradict the requirements of the legislation of the Russian Federation, and its content must comply with social, moral and ethical principles (do not contain words that offend human dignity, promote violence, racial or national hostility, etc..);

Ц it must be unique and accurately identify the Mailing Customer, correspond to its brand name, commercial designation, service mark, trademark, provided that the Distribution Customer documents the rights to use the brand name, commercial designation, service mark, trademark;

Ц it must not contain trademarks, service marks, commercial designations, brand names (including the name of a legal entity) or proper names for which the Mailing List Customer cannot confirm their rights to use;

Ц it must not contain a non-existent or falsified sender address;

Ц it should not mislead subscribers about the nature and nature of the services/works/goods provided by the Mailing Customer, it should allow you to determine the sender of the SMS message.

The sender's name can only contain the following valid characters:

Ц lowercase Latin letters {a-z};
Ц uppercase letters of the Latin alphabet {A-Z};
Ц numbers {0-9};
Ц exclamation mark {!};
Ц question mark {?};
Ц hyphen {-};
Ц underscore {_};
Ц point {.};
Ц brackets {()}.

It is also allowed to use the MTS phone number in the federal format or a short number as the sender's name, provided that a scanned copy of the contract concluded between the Mailing Customer and the MTS operator is provided

The names of senders who are already registered in our service for MTS will be submitted for pre-registration automatically on behalf of the Customer's company if there is a signed contract with our service. Please check the status of the name registration in your personal account for approval by the operator. SMS messages from names that have not been registered with MTS will be prohibited from sending.

The contract with the operator must be concluded from the company that registers the sender's name.

The tariff for sending SMS messages under the new terms of work with the MTS operator will be 1.50 rubles with VAT for one sent SMS + service fee in accordance with your tariff plan. The service fee from the specified date will also be increased due to the increased volume of customer service work under the new operator's rules.

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