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Changing the working conditions for the MTS operator (Russia)


Since 2011, following the Megafon operator, in connection with the previously adopted amendments to the law "On Communications", the MTS operator has introduced a new tariff system, according to which the payment for sent messages will be carried out for each sender's name separately.

To be able to continue sending messages to the MTS operator, it is necessary to sign a letter of guarantee in the names of the senders and upload the scan in the personal account of our service in the Contracts and Documents section, send the original letter later to any of our offices for subsequent transmission to the operator.

The names of the senders must necessarily correspond to the name of your company, website or store, i.e. they must be used specifically to send SMS messages from your one company.

You can see the new rates in the sectionPricing plans.

added 27.11.2014:

Rules for resellers:

According to the new contract with the MTS operator, the tariffs for the service of sending SMS messages to its network should not differ from the standard tariffs of the operator indicated by this link. Therefore, it is necessary to sell services at these tariffs, and additional margins should be made out in the form of fees for using the platform, commissions, etc. The operator will strictly monitor the implementation of this rule in the contract and impose a fine of 100 000 rubles. in the case of selling messages at a different price, rounding prices with VAT should be performed mathematically, and not always in a big way. To monitor the implementation of these rules, it is necessary to provide a register of invoices for all clients every month according to the specified reporting form from the contract. Failure to provide this report will also be fined and the names of senders will be blocked..

Thus, in order to be able to send messages from 01.12.2014g. to the MTS operator, it is necessary to provide letters of guarantee from all customers to the names of senders allowed according to the rules described below. All letters of guarantee will be transmitted to the operator. Sending from unregistered names of senders from the specified date will be unavailable. Dynamics on the MTS operator will be unavailable.

Rules for assigning names of senders (Numbers) for clients (Mailing list Customers) from the contract:

3. The order of assignment of Numbers by the Agent:

3.1. assign a Number to the Mailing Customer only for sending SMS messages with information and/or advertising of services/goods/works of one legal entity, or one individual, or one individual entrepreneur;
3.2. assign a Number that must be unique and accurately identify the Mailing Customer, its brand name, brand, trademark of the services, goods and works of the Mailing Customer, subject to documentary confirmation from the Mailing Customer of the rights to use the brand name, brand, trademark;
3.3. do not assign one Number to send SMS with information and/or advertising of services/works/goods of different legal entities, different individuals, different individual entrepreneurs;
3.4. do not assign a Number that contradicts the requirements of the legislation of the Russian Federation, in its content must comply with social moral and ethical principles (do not contain words that offend human dignity, promote violence, racial or national hostility, etc..);
3.5. do not assign a Number to the Mailing Customer, which may mislead the User about the nature and essence of the services/goods provided by the mailing Customer;
3.6. do not assign a Number that, by its content, may compromise the Principal and be an act of unfair competition.

Guarantee letters to the names of senders who do not comply with these rules will not be processed and transferred to the operator, sending from such names will not be available.

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