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Reseller program

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Under the reseller program, you can, with one registered account, create new customers, manage and assign them tariffs in your personal account in the "Reseller" section».

Your clients will have their own personal account just as if they had registered themselves. At the same time, you have the opportunity to earn on the price difference according to your tariff and the tariffs set for customers. Each time you send an SMS message, the cost of the message is debited from the client's account according to its tariff, and the difference in the cost with your tariff plan is credited to your account.

Thus, you just need to attract a customer to our service by creating an account for them yourself. The client you attract will not see that it works through a reseller, and you will be able to receive a constant profit from this client. At the same time, if your client changes the password, the texts of his SMS messages for you will be hidden from view for privacy, so working through a reseller will not cause any problems and inconveniences to customers.

Your customers will be able to top up their balance independently through our payment system, as well as pay you in other ways, and you will be able to transfer funds to them from your account.

Try to create an account in our service for the company you work for, and in addition to additional profit, you will also receive a thank you from the management for recommending you to use our stable service :)

Connecting the service to your site

If you have a website then you can create a copy of our personal account in your subdomain, and provide access new customers through its website. In your office, you can specify details, contacts, design and configure rates. All our links and details will be removed and customers will only see your information.

In the personal account connected to your domain, it will be possible to independently register customers, so you will only have to advertise your reseller site, and everything else will be done by our service. You will not need to spend years implementing all the functionality of the SMS service from scratch, and all our new improvements and features will immediately appear on your site. We will also be able to advise your clients on online support, or you can set up your own support..

Connection and site settings are performed in the personal account, which is available after registration. You can connect your personal account to multiple sites from one account.

Reseller Rate

For all resellers, we immediately include a reduced 7 tariff plan, and if you connect several clients and set a total SMS traffic , or if you transfer a large amount, the tariff can be further reduced by agreement. To get a reseller rate, register and contact customer support.


In addition, you can use the reseller's account to create additional accounts in our system without earning money, for example, for your employees, and use one shared account, as well as control and manage from one main account.

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