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SIM Card Hosting

2000 ₽

connecting to the service

using the service
from anywhere in the world

using SIM cards
This service allows you to use a SIM card with the number of an operator to receive and process incoming SMS messages.

To connect, you can provide us with your SIM card or use one issued to our company. The SIM card is placed in our own equipment, which allows us to quickly solve any problems associated with its operation.

Unlike virtual numbers, you can receive messages to your SIM card from Internet services, banks, payment systems, etc., which use letter names of senders for sending, which is why such messages do not pass to virtual operator numbers.

With a SIM card, it is possible to connect the number of almost any operator, while it is possible to set the number with the operator of your region in order to make it cheaper for subscribers to send SMS messages to this number.

In addition to receiving SMS messages on the SIM card, it is also possible to receive calls from subscribers, which in the system look like ordinary incoming messages with the text [CALL]. Each call after reading the caller's number will be immediately reset and will not consume the subscribers ' funds, unlike SMS. In addition, when using a SIM card, you can set up the forwarding of incoming calls to any other phone number.

Also, when hosting a SIM card, it is possible to connect a "beautiful" number, in this case, you will need to pay extra for choosing a number at the operator's rates — for silver, gold or platinum. For virtual numbers, the choice of options is limited, and there are no absolutely beautiful numbers.

For hosting, pre-activated SIM cards are accepted only in the mini-sim format with a disabled PIN code.

Advantages of our SIM hosting

We have already served hundreds of SIM cards, and we have achieved high service stability over a long period of experience and we offer a SIM hosting service with the following features:

List of available phone numbers

77017333190− Kcell Kazakhstan (sms, calls)
77027773690− Kcell Kazakhstan (sms, calls)
77057163877− Beeline Kazakhstan (SMS, calls)
77059009363− Beeline Kazakhstan (sms, calls)
77070696484− Tele2 Kazakhstan (sms, calls)
77714927700− Beeline Kazakhstan (SMS, calls)
77715740077− Beeline Kazakhstan (SMS, calls)
79021100098− Beeline Astrakhan (sms, calls)
79032481196− Beeline Moscow (sms, calls)
79032511037− Beeline Moscow (sms, calls)
79039399555− Beeline Novosibirsk (SMS, calls)
79059450109− Beeline Novosibirsk (sms, calls)
79061954623− Beeline Novosibirsk (SMS, calls)
79061954627− Beeline Novosibirsk (SMS, calls)
79061954673− Beeline Novosibirsk (SMS, calls)
79061954686− Beeline Novosibirsk (SMS, calls)
79104229783− MTS Moscow (sms, calls)
79104229854− MTS Moscow (sms, calls)
79169306450− MTS Moscow (sms, calls)
79169306671− MTS Moscow (sms, calls)
79169601578− MTS Moscow (sms, calls)
79169601627− MTS Moscow (sms, calls)
79169721015− MTS Moscow (calls, sms)
79169721286− MTS Moscow (calls, sms)
79169721348− MTS Moscow (calls, sms)
79169721431− MTS Moscow (calls, sms)
79250810888− Megafon Moscow (sms, calls)
79257602361− Megafon Moscow (sms, calls)
79257602364− Megafon Moscow (sms, calls)
79296115390− Megafon Moscow (sms, calls)
79296536813− Megafon Moscow (sms, calls)
79296834266− Megafon Moscow (sms, calls)
79312440720− St. Petersburg Megafon (calls, sms)
79500085939− Saint Petersburg Tele2 (calls, sms)
79500255266− Saint Petersburg Tele2 (calls, sms)
79612211684− Beeline Novosibirsk (sms, calls)
79612211695− Beeline Novosibirsk (sms, calls)
79612211724− Beeline Novosibirsk (sms, calls)
79618739394− Beeline Novosibirsk (sms, calls)
79643497711− Saint Petersburg Beeline (calls, sms)
79657972953− Saint Petersburg Beeline (calls, sms)
79661762586− Beeline Moscow (sms, calls)
79661762587− Beeline Moscow (sms, calls)
79681883413− Beeline Saint Petersburg (sms, calls)
79681883415− Beeline Saint Petersburg (sms, calls)
79681883426− Beeline Saint Petersburg (sms, calls)
79811300365− MTS Saint Petersburg (calls, sms)
79811306129− MTS Saint Petersburg (calls, sms)
79811306490− MTS Saint Petersburg (calls, sms)
79811312954− MTS Saint Petersburg (calls, sms)
79811314021− MTS Saint Petersburg (calls, sms)
79811318625− MTS Saint Petersburg (calls, sms)
79811318637− MTS Saint Petersburg (calls, sms)

Connecting a number

To connect a number using a SIM card, you need to register in our service, top up your account in any convenient way for the amount required to rent a number, and, in the case of using our number and if available, connect the desired number in your personal account. If you connect your phone number, send your SIM card to one of our offices with your username in the service..

The Tele2 operator's SIM cards do not work in our equipment in Moscow, please send them to the St. Petersburg office.

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