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Mailing list in social networks-new
promotion method
and communication with clients

We deliver service and transaction messages to your customers via
vkontakte mobile apps
and Odnoklassniki.

What is the benefit of mailing in social networks?

Communicate with customers there,
where they are comfortable

Today, the most popular social networks in Russia are Vkontakte and Odnoklassniki. Every month, Vkontakte is used by 97 million people, and Odnoklassniki —
71 a million.

It is more convenient for customers to receive and respond to messages
in their usual social networks, than to go to a separate website or application of each individual company. By communicating through social networks, you care about your customers and get their loyalty.
Message in the social network

Save your marketing budget

One message in a social network costs 10 times cheaper than SMS, which are increasingly perceived as spam.
You can add any content to your social network messages: pictures, videos, audio, attachments — and it will cost you
cheaper SMS.

Your order is accepted and will be shipped on February 10. The expected delivery date is February 14. Thank you for your purchase!
Regular SMS

Get SMM promotion

All messages come from the official account of the page in the social network-a group or community.
As a rule, the client subscribes to the official page and learns about news, promotions and new products
from your news feed.

You do not spend money on advertising in the social network feed:
if the client subscribes to the community,
it automatically sees your messages in the feed.

How the service works

The recipient may not be a subscriber to your company on the network.
In any case, he will see the message on behalf of the group and will be able to ask a question. Your manager will see the message and continue the dialog.
1 In the letter you confirm,
what you have the right to do
send content
on behalf of the group in the social network

2 Get approved
and send templates
messages to check
3 Указываете номера
телефонов клиентов
4 Клиенты получают
сообщения в мобильном
приложении ВК или ОК
5 Collecting information
about the message status:
sent, delivered
or read.

6 Answer the questions
the client and tell them
about additional services
7 Pay only
for delivered items
8 Tell us about the promotions
and discounts via the feed
in the social network


Cascading mailings from the SMS center

We will help you set up a cascading newsletter to optimize your marketing expenses.
If the client receives a message in a social network, it will cost
5 times cheaper than sending to Viber and 10 times cheaper than SMS.
Here's how it works

in 5 times

cheaper than Viber
mailing lists

in 10 times

cheaper SMS
mailing lists

Getting the number
customer's phone number

We send only to those customers who have given us the following information:
explicit consent to
receiving messages
by phone number

We send it to the social network Vkontakte or
0.4 ₽

per message

If the message is
not delivered to social networks, we try in the messenger
1.8 ₽

per message

If the message is
not delivered
in Viber,
sending SMS
2.15 ₽

per 67 characters
The cost of the message depends on the amount of the deposit to your account
in the SMS center. If you send mailings from your personal account,
it will be cheaper.

When the newsletter is useful for your business

It is possible to send out transaction confirmation codes,
account balances, order statuses, delivery information, and other service notifications.
We send messages only to those contacts,
who were online no later than 7 days ago.

We confirm the order of the book "Effective negotiations". The courier will call you back tomorrow
from 9 to 11 in the morningto clarify the exact
delivery time.

We give you a 10% discount on your next order
by the ILOVEBOOKS promo code
You are awarded 250 bonus points
for purchases in September.

Use bonuses until the end of October:
we have new types of coffee
for the Dolce Gusto coffee machine,
the one you recently bought.

Anton, please confirm the booking of tickets for the performance"Rebirth»
11 november at the Sovremennik Theater
We have booked two seats and are waiting for confirmation.
Playbill for December.
Your account has been credited with 3000 rubles. Thank you for staying with us.

We tell you in the official group,
how to save up to 50% on the delivery of goods.

You can't send only advertising messages,
but you can add information about promotions and services at the end of the service message.
Add voice messages
or audio files

The cost of mailing in social networks

number of clients

Number of messages Cost of sending Message cost




* The cost of the message depends on the amount of replenishment of your account in the SMS center.
If you send mailings from your personal account, it will be cheaper.

How to activate the service


Register now
in the SMS center service


Top up your account
for any amount


Send templates
send messages and confirm ownership of the group.

You can also integrate
mailing list with your own CRM system,
that will allow you to get and track statistics yourself.

You can set up a newsletter in social networks yourself or contact the support service operators. For automated mailings from programs, you can send them via the API. HTTP and HTTPS, SMTP, SOAP, and SMPP protocols are supported.

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