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8 (800) 700 7672
Free in Russia
The legislation of the Russian Federation does not prohibit Viber-mailing. Using a direct channel ensures that the message is delivered immediately and without blocking.
По статистике 99% клиентов открывают рассылку. Гарантируем 99,9% доставки, а за недоставленные сообщения не списываем деньги.
1000 characters instead of 67 in SMS according to GSM standards
1000 characters in Viber = 3.8 ₽
1000 characters in SMS = 56.7 ₽

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Viber-mailing lists help the company to receive
new customers for a minimum of money



delivery services

В 15 раз


Чем Viber-рассылка
помогает бизнесу

Рассылка Viber-сообщений решает те же задачи, что SMS-сообщения,
только дешевле и эффективнее. Наши клиенты используют Viber-рассылку, чтобы:

  • рассказать клиентам об акциях, событиях, скидках и спецпредложениях;
  • сообщить о новостях, анонсировать мероприятия и пригласить на них;
  • поздравить с днем рождения и другими праздниками;
  • показать клиенту статус заказа.

Выбирайте вид рассылки
под конкретную задачу

Текст с кнопкой и картинкой

Только картинка

Только с кнопкой

Только текст

Создать шаблон рассылки

Почему Viber-рассылка
выгоднее других сервисов

Add a photo, a logo, and a button to the message so that customers can immediately recognize the brand and the details of the offer..

Service messages are 2 times cheaper than regular ones: tell us about news, promotions or services for 1 ₽.
from customers
Проведите опрос, голосование или отправьте клиента к специалисту в чат компании

Сократите расходы на рассылки и сформируйте свой тон общения с пользователем.
Отследите конверсию, оцените качество базы и корректируйте маркетинговую кампанию, исходя из результатов.
in Russian
В отличие от SMS-рассылки, вы представляетесь и общаетесь с клиентом на удобном и родном языке — русском. Мы пишем Ольга вместо Olga.

Cost of sending

количество клиентов

Message Type Number of messages Cost of sending Message cost
Service messages
Advertising messages




Create your first newsletter
The final cost depends on the minimum payment made to the account.
The minimum amount of expenses for the service is 20 000 ₽ / month for each registered name of the customer.
Sending service messages is only possible for names registered without the ability to receive responses from subscribers and only after registering service message templates.

Manage mailing lists

Schedule a time

Выбирайте, когда ваши клиенты получат рассылку: рано утром, в выходные или за минуту до боя курантов в новогоднюю ночь. Вы можете запланировать серию рассылок и не переживать о том, что что-то пойдет не так.

Specify the message lifetime

With this feature, the client will receive your message the moment it appears on the network. For example, if at the time of sending, he was abroad or turned off the phone, he will still receive a message later after.

Set up your first newsletter

Send by SMS if there is no Viber

If the message has not been delivered to Viber or the client does not have it, we will send it by SMS. Thus, you can not segment customers by communication channels, but send one newsletter to all at once.

Sample messages

Examples of service messages

  • notifications about the balance, debt, and completed transaction;
  • access passwords;
  • informing about the readiness of documents;
  • notification of unpaid invoices;
  • warning about the expiration of the contract / the need to re-sign the contract without additional phrases aimed at any sales promotion;
  • technical information (configurations).

Examples of messages that are not allowed to be sent

  • Messages of any political content;
  • Messages containing any information related to casinos and gambling, betting organizations, lotteries; binary options, forex companies, online trading, cryptocurrency trading;
  • Messages about services for issuing and returning loans/ credits; services of pawnshops, credit cooperatives, microfinance and microcredit organizations, collection companies;
  • Messages about services with sexual content and any other adult content;
  • Messages aimed at the distribution of tobacco products, alcohol; trade in weapons, drugs and other items withdrawn from circulation or restricted circulation;
  • Messages containing information about religious services, including churches, temples, mosques, etc.; esoteric and spiritual services, such as Tarot, spiritualism, astrological predictions, etc..;
  • Messages indicating companies that are considered competitors of Viber;
  • Messages from organizations, legal entities and individuals that are not related to the registered Name. It is prohibited to transmit messages with information and / or advertising of different organizations, legal entities or individuals on the same Name.;
  • Messages that may cause a malfunction of the Viber messenger, including those containing links to viruses or malware, as well as commands for managing bots, viruses and other malicious programs.

The first mailing list for your clients should be of an introductory nature, the so-called "Welcome Message". Audience — all subscribers to whom you are going to send Viber messages, i.e. the entire database.

Test messages

Until the end of your company's registration in Viber and activation of the sender's name in our service you can only send the following fixed test messages on behalf of SMSC:
  • Hello! This is a test message
  • Test message
  • Hello! This is test message
  • Test
  • Test

How to connect a Viber newsletter

in the service

When registering, fill out the form.
The company data will be saved in the system and will be used for all mailings.

To conclude
contract with us*

* According to the rules of Viber, we
we do not register companies,
who work in the field of lending, casinos, Forex Trading,
online traders, tobacco and alcohol companies,
political and religious organizations.
Fill out the brief
and wait for registration
names in Viber

Регистрация нового клиента
занимает 5-7 дней, потому что Viber проверяет информацию.
If you have previously registered a company name, then its activation takes 1 day.

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